For The Love Of Power & Pleasure, Safety & Respect ~ Men & Women

When you walk down the street you can be sure you’re watched. You’re watched not as a passersby but as an object of lust. No matter what you wear or how you hold yourself, apparently it doesn’t matter at all. You are a woman and that is all that counts.

It doesn’t seem right to generalize most often nor do you want to come across as a feminist although you can’t be blamed for thinking that men only act on instinct, an animal instinct. The most educated and civilized men too, if I may add.
You don’t necessarily have to be molested or raped, you can see it happening in their heads. One minute they’re talking among themselves and in the next, they turn around and stare. As if their conversation wasn’t happening at all. The same man will walk past you more than once passing a sleazy comment. Or you have men walking right into you, just to feel your breasts. I fail to understand what pleasure that gives them, although they never seem to get enough of it. The man makes sure you have noticed his lecherous ways. And as must as you would rather have retaliated to such ways, it only excites them further. And while it is wrong to ignore such an act, there isn’t much you can do when you’re out alone a midst a bunch full of horny scumbags. We personally face it everyday and it certainly gives rise to anger within. 
It’s not a particular city or particular country alone that experiences such situations. Nor would it be right to say it is just women who are receiving end. Every day, there are thousands of women being assaulted, molested, eve teased or raped but with them there also babies and young boys who are subject to such inhuman ways too. What is a dream for many, turns out to be a nightmare instead. Society itself creates such beasts and society then defies their existence. And that would include you and me too.
It isn’t the pleasure of sex that men seek for. It is the sense of power and sometimes it’s through sadism. It isn’t right to blame men in general but how else do you react to something that happens to you everyday? You’re left with no choice. The World is getting bad but there is still a good side to it. While there are people  who assault, there are people who fight such acts. And maybe the good could someday, even if not completely, overpower the evil. While most of us today and fighting for change in the attitude of men, a lot of us share wonderful relationships with them too. A mother and son, a father and daughter, a brother and sister, best friends, lovers, a husband and wife and it goes on. Sometimes strangers can strike the right chord.  It’s not men that we detest but the kind of things that they do that create a stir in society, well a whole of bunch of them if not all. 
We don’t know what is in store for us. We could be the next victim. Would that mean that we compromise on our ways only because it evokes undesirable reactions in a man? Why is so tough for him to hold his horses instead? There is a lack of emotion and commitment. It is just a drive for power and pleasure.
The present doesn’t indicate a worse future. Although if we can’t do much about it, the future won’t hold scope for a positive change either. It’s not that women don’t want to fight back, most often it is that we cannot. It is a known fact, that at the end of the day, we still are the weaker sex. We are still blamed for being victimized. We are blamed for another’s action. We are blamed for the reactions we receive. If we must retaliate, we need another to standby and not just spectate.
Maybe someday we could just walk down the road and not be judged or used as an object of lust. And live without fear and inhibitions. Maybe someday it would be safe to walk alone at any time of the day. Maybe someday we won’t be lying in some alley, scarred for life but instead walking with our heads held high.  Maybe someday we won’t be just another bait but a human being. Maybe, someday!