Love, Alternately!

The hottest love has the coldest end. ~ Socrates
You love and then you don’t. While love one day meant the world to some, after a point it just died out. From being about flowers and long drives, it came down to emotionless one night stands and random hook-ups. Eventually getting sick of meaningless sex too, what comes next? You freeze out one and then the other.

Is it such tough nut to crack or are we just too afraid to try? We start with zest but soon dullness takes over and we assume it is the end. It’s hot and then cold. How you manage to balance the rising and dropping temperatures? Reactions speak louder that any other action. Giving up on what was once all that you wanted screams out stupidity.

Whether Socrates was right, I can never tell. Sometimes the best of loves do last too. Picture perfect stories could still be told. But the question is whether we permit them to be written anymore!

Are we really all about meaningless exchanges now or is there still room for trusted intimacy? While the thought can never die out, you’re left with no answer either. It’s not that the human race has turned heartless or is purely sexually driven. They have however drifted apart from “feeling” to “insensitivity”.

I still believe in steamy romance, it can never get old. It exists if you want it to. So do we?