Naked Heat

Sometimes when you can’t feel the heat, you generate it. There is a line you draw between love and lust of course. Although in between that fine line, there is a great sense of passion among most of us. It is but being human. With oneself comes a sense of insecurity. Be it about someone else or with oneself.
Staring at yourself in a mirror, you’re compelled to think of what another sees. Do they see what you see? Is it better or is it worse? Strip yourself down to nothing and you look at what you really are made of minus all the luxurious brands that accessorize your being. Strutting around naked in your room, without a care in the world there is a sense of freedom merged with a feeling of self confidence. For that moment you’re beyond what the world thinks of you. For that moment, you feel good about yourself because you’re not being judged. A sensual impression lingers on.
Passion comes with desires in different degrees. As you move on, his touch is scintillating. The titillation of another body close to yours is exciting in its own way. You don’t need to touch to feel those goosebumps. A simple hug or a passionate kiss, both are equally potential to create a stir within. His voice, a whisper. That’s the thing about intimacy, it takes over you and you barely realize. Watching him watch you gives you a sense of comfort. Could you ask for more then? Mostly not. You get a drift of security and that’s all you need. While for many it’s just about having sex, for some there’s more to it. On the coldest of nights, you feel warm. On the dullest of days, you feel energized. Every movement then makes a difference to you, even the pace of his breath or his scent that lingers on your skin. No more is it about how well he satisfies you or how wet he gets you. His fingers grazing on your lips is arousing enough. When your tongues collide, you know you’re entering a territory you won’t want to leave just yet. Wrapped under a sheet together, you’re thrilled.
It’s like reading a book. You don’t know what you’re getting into but based on the cover you don’t mind taking the risk. The story builds up slowly and as you unfold every bit, you only grow to love it more. You’re stimulated to every waking nerve. And once you’re right into it, you know you can’t put it down. With your body, it takes over your heart and mind too. It goes on to possess you.

It is how you look at it. And naked heat from this vantage point is only beautiful!