You, Me And …?

What is it that binds two people together? Is it an instant attraction or sheer compatibility? It seems to be the base for a feisty beginning, but is it all you need to make it last? Love comes in different forms. We all have our own reasons for being with someone. From loyalty to royalty, it’s a huge wave. 
Each of us belong to different backgrounds – cultures, religions, mindsets, families, financials, castes. In the long haul, while we may keep denying it, these influence the course of any relationship. While we may not be Orthodox in nature, can we still stop our egos from clashing? You can rant about money not being everything. But on a practical front, it certainly is something.

Power and money will appeal more to you than a good heart. And while we all claim to be good souls, seeking to live on love and fresh air – we also seek for security. How else do you survive in this world full of umpteen temptations?

I guess it depends on where you come from to then think of what you want. His family, his friends, his achievements, his lifestyle. They all come into play. It isn’t only about who you are anymore but what you do as well. These of course vary with every individual. It isn’t just about him standing by your side, but also your stand in society with him. You’ve got to be proud of your choices and not ashamed. Where there’s room for the latter, you know you’re weak. Relationships fall short when embarrassment takes over comfort.

This isn’t a cold heart thinking. Love does conquer all but it fails to defy practicality after a point. Now wouldn’t you rather weigh it right in the start, rather than making the other person bear the brunt. Letting one believe you’re happy when you’re really not is heartbreaking. You’ve got to build your nest on honest opinions before it’s too late, or you’re shattered as is your rib.