And All That Jazz

We spend our days thinking about a perfect date. Blame on the mushy novels or those over dramatic films. In spite of it being spelt out in bold, we fail to believe it is fiction. I am part of the bandwagon. No matter how well I convince myself that it’s not going to happen, I fail. You can’t help but want to be made to feel special! We all want that type of moment that doesn’t exist in real life. I know I do!
Under a moonlit sky, walking for minutes together on a lonely strip of cold sand. The waves keep you company as you stare at the deep blue sky and its reflection in the water. Your body sinks into the sand, as you hold on to the only company you have on that stretch. Suddenly you see a sparkle in the sky, shining bright. Your laughter echoes in the open, waves crashing as you walk. On occasions, you hear music from a shack near by. Yellow lights streaming from afar, it’s a beautiful sight. This is the kind of night you dream about. The wind blows in your face, and strands of hair are scattered all over causing you to bat your eyes. They let down a shadow hiding your glistening eyes. It’s a different glow under the dim lit sky. He’s watching you, you’re watching him. Suddenly there are voices and then there are whispers. Your hands interlocked, it’s a walk you hope doesn’t end – just yet. You don’t have to plan this moment, you don’t have to be romantically involved – you just need to feel it and it all feels just right. It is the kind of love that goes beyond the horizon you see. Soon, the candle light makes your appearance gleam. And seated there, at that moment you know that the dream you once had has finally come true, in its purest way.

One way, it may have happened differently. The other way, you endure it differently!