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This is the birthday season, so there is every reason for a BIRTHDAY WISHLIST!
Greedy as it may sound, the child in me is reborn. It comes along just once in your life, well there’s never going to be another 20th I know ^_^ #justsaying. The list goes on, unrealistically of course! Kind hearts may pay heed (A) or maybe just someday!

Hello? It’s my Birthday! ūüôā

  • A Prayer¬†
  • Surprise Birthday Party (wildnightout)¬†
  • Bear Hugs & A Midnight Surprise¬†
  • Lots of Love & Random Surprises¬†
  • Lulu’s JackDaniel Cup Cakes¬†
  • Handmade Cards¬†
  • Never Ending Handwritten Letters¬†
  • Three Tier Custom-made Chocolate Cake (Trudy :D) Justlikethe18th!¬†
  • Bouquet of Carnations¬†
  • Scrapbook of Memories¬†
  • A Holiday¬†
  • A Job¬†
  • A New Phone ūüėÄ (dire need)¬†
  • Shoes¬†
  • Ralph Lauren Perfumes¬†
  • A Louis Vuitton Bag¬†
  • Victoria’s Secret¬†
  • Jagermeister¬†
  • Absolut Peach Vodka¬†
  • Rafael Nadal’s Autograph¬†
  • A Novel Signed By Nicholas Sparks¬†
  • A Date To Remember¬†
  • A Dedication (out loud)¬†
  • Marshmallows¬†
  • Sketch Books¬†
  • Stabilo & Steadler Stationery¬†
  • Nail Enamel In All Shades¬†
  • Hair Accessories (Bows ‚ô•)¬†
  • Cheesecake & Caramel Custard¬†
  • Canon EOS (high time)¬†
  • Gossip Girl Novel Series¬†
  • Vintage-ish Typewriter¬†
  • Mac Cosmetics¬†
  • Ticket to A Summer’s Day (Jones ‚ô•) ~ March 3¬†
  • Ticket to ASOT600 Mumbai (: ~ March 16¬†
  • That All Of The Above Be Fulfilled¬†

Above all – Dad ‚ô• :’)



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