Time Off, High Time!

Somehow there’s always an excuse in their kitty. If it isn’t someone it is something!
You’d think that after a point of knowing each other, you reach a stage of understanding. You guarantee each other their space no doubt but when it comes to commitments, does it mean you use anything that comes you way as an excuse? And expect the other to understand? While it works for a while, it doesn’t always work!
You understand someone telling you they’re busy. But someone asking you to lay off when you really haven’t even budged in yet? That hurts! Ironically the same person complains about not getting any attention from you.
You don’t know whether to laugh or cry in situations like these. No more do I know what to make of them anyway. Coming to think of it, maybe I need some time off too. To think, to breathe, to make sense of what’s meant to be and what isn’t!
If it’s about them being blatant and then denying the tone of the statement. Well the damage is done and there’s no undoing that.