Brand Wagon

Sometimes I wonder what people take great pride in. Themselves or the brands they wear. Is it their own credibility that counts or their affordability that they bank on?
I belong to the brand wagon myself. Luxury goods make me happy and that’s an open confession. Although, it’s a form of personal gratification for me. For some others on the other hand, they use it as a means to stand out in the crowd. Like a defense mechanism, so to say. 
For some it’s the quality, for some it’s the price tag. 
It’s doesn’t make you a better person than the rest though. Why do people fail to understand that? Emphasizing on what you own to let down your peers isn’t the best form of communicating with people. You have it today, you may not have it tomorrow. So if your pride lies in what you own and not who you are, what is your worth after all?
Living in a make believe World where we think we’re our own boss isn’t the best thing to do. At some point, you are still answerable to those around you. It’s not always living above another but also with them.
I have my own fetishes but I also know where my roots are. Stay grounded, or when you fall it only hurts more.
Simple joys definitely beat lavish ones in wonderful ways.