Darkness Is Magnetic.

This is wrong, and I’m only asking for trouble. But it’s true when they that the dark side is far more attractive. This is my weakness and I can’t hide from it. It’s not like it’s wrong but I’ve realized it isn’t the best path to choose for yourself either. I like nice people, nice things, nice places. Although, no matter how much I stop myself, I wander in that direction ignoring the best that comes my way. 

I find it more enticing to soak you up than the sweet one waiting by my door. However I’m the cautionary tale you’d never want to read or tell. You would rather be with someone you can shape according to your whims and fancies than someone who will actually care to understand you. You’re afraid of yourself and so you would rather decline honesty and choose someone just as pretentious. It will last for today but what happens tomorrow? 
To you, I’m not all “that”. To you, I don’t really get the guy in the end. To you, I’m all the drama. To you, I’m no fun. And all this only ’cause you know I may actually know you. To you, I’ll never be the girl you want to be seen with even if deep down I’m the one you want to be with.
Your fears are greater than mine. And while you are “many shades of fucked up” as I’d like to put it, that’s just what makes you so desirable. Your darkness is magnetic. Your sweetness is sexy. You are what I want.
Getting myself together, there is no you and me. And it’s best that way. For if one can’t be welcoming, what’s its worth anyway?