Check Point

How do you put someone you love through so much pain? I thought love was all about giving, about compromise, about sharing happiness. While it’s true, we all have our share of trials, where do self-implicated ones fit in?

In time you do not regret it because you were actually happy at some point in your life with that person. But with the actions, with the circumstances you grow to dislike the person. The person that they have become and there is certainly no turning back. Not even if you wanted to.
This is it. Here’s where we move on. Move on to a happier environment where no selfish being is pulling you down. Where people actually care and are not trying to own you or your space. 
Love is in the moment. For as long as you meet each others needs and complete each other in a way that no one else can, your love grows. You break the code and the love turns sour. A relationship needs trust and compromise and if one can’t do either, the relationships bites the dust.

And so here we are, distant and broken.