Living Young & Wild & Free

Happiness comes in that one moment of perfection. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody experiences happiness every now and then. The question is whether we openly admit to it or rather stick to the self-pitiful sad-state-of-affairs ball game.
Happiness comes without really having to give two hoots about the world. It is in that moment when you are totally carefree and in your honest element that you feel truly elated.
I’ve experienced it. Happiness, that is. 
One moment I’m over thinking things through and in the next, I’m amidst people having the best time of my life. And at that point I realise that life is only worth living if you’re giving yourself that opportunity to explore, to have fun with what comes around, to take that risk even if your mind is telling you not to, to live on the edge, to live young, wild and free. 
Fact is, I’ll never fall short of being the “careful” person that I am. But for that one night, everything seemed perfect. And since then, there has been a change and a craving for cheap thrills. And why not?
There is a fine line between being in a happy place and abusing that state of mind. Beyond which you enter a  numb escapade. 
While there are many occasions in your life that make you happy, it comes down to that one time where you’re the sole reason behind it. It’s in that moment when you choose to let go only to hold on to something far better.
“That moment, that love, that dream, that laugh
that kiss, that cry, your rights, your wrongs
that moment, that love, that dream, aloud.”