It’s A Love Story

With little or no trust in herself, she stood there. While the rest of the world was charmed by the obvious attractive beings he noticed her. The dreamer who stood there within the safety of her own walls. The girl with inhibitions. The careful explorer. She was scared of what people thought about her. A being with a quiet voice. That’s rare, very rare. And maybe it was by chance but it is the very moment that changed two lives in a strange yet profound way. 
It started off as a random gesture but grew to be something far more intense. Years passed. People came into her life with many promises, people went away breaking the same. For most of it she felt like the unwanted choice they had made. But in time he took her through some of her most cherished memories of all time.
Her smile he said was what caught his attention. While she stood in the shadows of the bustle around, someone somewhere noticed her and that’s where it all began.
A message. Yes, just a message.
One would think that random encounters happen so often that they barely mean much anyway. But from that one message, the fondest relationship unfolded. A few years passed with their share of ups and downs. And while they came with a price to pay, they taught her a lot. She grew to be used to him in a way that she couldn’t explain, even to herself. And with all that going on, she didn’t realise when it all began ~ her perfect love story. There was no prince on a horse but there was him with his kind heart. 
Call it fate or call it choice but they were on their own in their own bubbles. Close yet distant. 
And when they finally met, amidst the mayhem she knew she was in the right place with just the right person. Everyone may not have a perfect ending and that’s the least she ever expected. But being with him only made her realise that happy endings were for fairy tales. Living in the present with a happy going is what she really wanted and he gave it to her.
He saw her at her best and at her worst. And knowing it all he said things to her that made her believe in herself. Was it that first walk under the moon or the night beneath the illuminated sky, she’ll never know. But it was amidst those many moments that they shared together when she knew she was into something far deeper than she realised.
She let him into her world and exposed her true self to him. She let him see a side of him that no one else did before. With him, she took the risk. She laid out her vulnerabilities and worries. Knowing her insecurities he gave her the chance that no one else did. He listened to her. He let down his own defense to let her in. He warranted to always be there and he has stayed through it all. And while there may have been times when one questioned his choices, he built up an image of her far better than she mirrored of herself and pushed the doubts away. His gaze met hers and he assured her that everything would be alright and in that very moment she knew there was nothing in the world she would rather believe more.
He was there for her when the world let her down, when she let herself down. He encouraged her to be better at what she did. He brought back the smile to her gloomy face. He brought the gleam back to her eyes. He made each day better. He made her feel alive. But of all he made her happy, genuinely happy.
They talked, for hours at times. Sometimes about life and sometimes about nothing at all. They spent their nights listening to the silence on the other end of the call and yet conveyed this deep surge of emotions. They understood one another better than anyone else. In time, they learnt to open up to each other. With each passing year they trusted each other more. By the end of a bad day they learnt to forgive and forget. Each day started on a new note. While there was seriousness there never failed to be a glint of humour. He respected her and she valued him. It was a give and take and for most part of it, it was perfect. On occasions they fought to keep the flame burning and that led them to understand each other better. Verbalizing their thoughts led them to a certain level of honesty. The kind of honesty that developed a great sense of comfort, one that allowed them to be confident in their own skin.
They laughed, they cried, they kissed, they teased, they hugged, they fought, they yelled, they exchanged silence, they walked, they talked, they held on through it all ~ they loved.
Love is patient. Love is kind.  But most of all love is everything you think it’s not. Love is selfish, you want each other to yourself. Love is boastful, you can’t stop talking about how good it feels. Love is pain, you hold the power to hurt the one you love like no other. Love is guilty, you often do things you wouldn’t otherwise. Love is nonsensical, you believe in this that otherwise would seem ridiculous. Love is angry, you get furious at each other more often than you would expect. Love is chaotic, you’re yelling more than you’re talking. Love is jealous, you can’t help but be possessive in spite of all the space. Love is distant, you go back into your own shell every now and then. 
But having said all that love for her was him; for him it was her.
In all that time that they knew each other, a couple of relationships budded and in time were ashen but there was one constant and even now she knows in her heart that come what may it will always be “the” one constant.