Wave Lengths

Life is like a boat ride and and with every wave comes a challenge. While that may go on, once you beat the waves and sail on you are in a state beyond on worldly definition. Imagine yourself facing a wave set to turn you over. You are overwhelmed by fear and excitement at the same time. You go numb deep within and yet your mind is as alert as it can get. You can either be swept away by the wave and be crushed by the currents or you could sail over it and enjoy the thrill it gives you.

Whoever came up with the “YOLO” trend knew exactly what he was talking about. While it comes off as a comment in passing towards any fear that needs to be fought, it makes complete sense. The truth is you only live once, ignoring every other myth that exists in the world. And if you don’t live it up while you can there will never be another chance. Not even in your after life if there ever exists an after life.

What is your life’s worth if you can’t talk about it? Talk about the wild side? Talk about the cautions? Talk about the experiences? Talk about the good and the bad? Talk about the risks? Talk about the failures? Talk about friends? Talk about enemies? Talk about the important? Talk about the insignificant?

Crazy knows no bounds, neither does it have a defined meaning. What’s crazy to me isn’t necessarily crazy to you but that doesn’t make it any less crazy. Wow, that’s a lot of crazy in there eh?

Cheap thrills, that’s what you have to live by. Now or never. YOLO!

Love as much as you can, hate even more. It adds that spice to the standard relationships you share with people. Being cordial is for those who want to be fake. Set it out on the table because it is now or never. Dare yourself to do things beyond normalcy. Dare to think the unthinkable. Yet while at it hold your ground and follow your principles. And by that I mean YOUR principles not those of the world, of your family, of your friends or of any other significant being in the world.

Life can take some pretty unruly turns occasionally. But when you think back about it, it is nothing but another funny story to tell.