Dear Mr. The Best I Ever Had…

Dear Mr. The Best I Ever Had,

When we first met, I didn’t think you would be as important as you are to me today. You’re like the air, I need to breathe. You’re like the light, I need to see. You’re the smile to my face and tear to my eyes. You’re the best I’ve ever had.

My memories with you have been the fondest. You bring out that side of me that no one has ever touched. You challenge me. You make me think. You make me question my thoughts and my actions. You urge me to do my best. But most of all, you see the best in me.

You understand all of me. My good and my bad. You take me with my immaturity, you accept my insecurities, you see right through my walls, you deal with my late night rants, you calm my midnight worries, you value my opinions, you help me fight my fears and doubts, you’re patient with my reasoning, you accept my scars, you understand when I need to be alone, you understand when I need your comforting, you value my presence. You see the good in the bad that I see.

Truth is, words fail me when it comes to you. I’ve spent a while now staring at my screen trying to put down my feelings. But I’m not even close to capturing the way I feel about you. Being with you feels like falling in love. Being with you feels ecstatic.

You’re honest, you’re real. You have your flaws and you’re not ashamed of it. You have your set of principles and you stand by them. Your simplicity draws me to you. You don’t flaunt fancy and that’s rare to find. You bring a perfect balance of good and bad with you. Nothing more, nothing less – just the way you are.

Life isn’t an easy ballgame. And no matter how much we run from the truth, it bites us back. We can run but not hide from it. This distance has been eating into our relationship. It’s turning the sweetness into hostility. It’s creating more room for silence. It’s beginning to eat into our spontaneity. But we’ve come so far, you and I. And I’m not about to give up just yet. Rough days, they come and they go. You and I, we’re here to stay.

If I had a wish that could come true, it would be to be able to be with you every time I thought of you.

I want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday.

With much love,
Yours forever.