The First Rain

You spend the summers together, falling deeper into a relationship that goes back to what seems like forever. And with every passing day, you only grow fonder of him. You spend time together doing the simplest things, – you take walks, you ride in the rain, you capture the sunset, you watch the sky, you go on dates, you get drunk, you dance away, you watch the sunrise, you eat away, you fight, you make up and most of all you really enjoy yourself. But then the summer ends. Then what?

Every day you’d tell each other, it’s the last. You convince yourself that it will be easy to let go when the time comes and that it’s best to make the most of it while it lasts. But you go on. You go on because you’re comfortable with each other and you know you can see each other soon. You know you’re just a bike ride away. Eventually you take over each others’ lives and you can’t think about anything else. Everything you do or say is invaded by thoughts of the other. And you realise you have to make the most of what you have because even though you can connect virtually, you miss out on the physical comfort. You begin to hate every reason that’s forcing you apart. Even when together you resent the distance that will pull you apart. And yet, you’re hopelessly in love.

And it all started with their first summer rain…

On one of those many evenings, drenched by the rain they ran under a shed. Standing there in each others silence, they watched the lightning strike and heard the thunder roll. The night sky illuminated and the rainfall only got stronger. In the cold she leaned into him, her hand fitting perfectly into his. He cupped her face and gazed straight into her eyes and said, “I love you”. He traced his fingers on her cheek and tucked her hair behind her ear. He let the dim moonlight reflect on her face, with his shadow falling perfectly on it. Facing each other, his lips met hers and it felt so magical, so pure. And at that moment she knew there was no other place she would rather be. Skin to skin, cornered by sheets of rain, standing there under the streetlight there was no one else she wanted more. She savoured the moment with her eyes closed taking in his words. And after a moment of silence, she looked up at him and said, “I love you too”.

They were dating but not actually going out with each other. They were exclusive but didn’t feel the need to put a name to it, not yet anyway. They were best friends and before they knew it, they were more than just friends. They grew to like each others company more than anyone elses. They grew to love in a way that neither of them could understand and define. But they loved each other anyway.

They enjoyed every passing day because it made them happy. Happier than they ever imagined. And even though they knew what was at the other end of those sun-kissed months, they followed their hearts anyway. Ignoring the fact that the summers would end someday and before they knew it, they would be back to their own worlds in different places. But they loved each other anyway.

How could they end a relationship only because they wouldn’t be together in the same city? They knew it wouldn’t be easy. Without saying it out loud, both of them thought about it more than they admitted to. They knew that a long distance relationship wasn’t going to be easy, even with the best intentions. And so even though they were only dating, they still chose to follow the path down the dark narrow road and give it a shot anyway. They knew they couldn’t just “break-up” unless they fell all out of love with each other. How could they give up on each other just like that? It look them so long to get where they were and  this wasn’t about to end just like that. Not just when they put their hearts into it. Not without trying anyway. Knowing well that they couldn’t predict the future, yet the distance didn’t matter. They couldn’t pretend like the summers never happened, because it did. And they had reached a point where distance alone couldn’t change anything. It couldn’t weaken their affection for each other. It couldn’t affect how they felt about each other. The distance only made what they shared more important. It made the relationship more special and worth fighting for, instead.