Take The Plunge

Choices have to be made. Along the way, you make some happy while you also hurt some. What you really ask yourself at the end of the day is whether or not the choice was worth the collateral damage. While we wish we could control our life, it’s never as easy. We don’t even get close.
We falter. Our decisions are clouded by our preset judgements. We’d rather believe what seems right. We’d rather follow public opinion over our instinct.
But when all of that fades you realise that there may not be a tomorrow. And if we don’t let go of our set ways and worrying about what the world thinks of our choices, we’re only ruining the possibility of a satisfied and happy present day in our lives.
We choose the wrong path. We opt for the uncanny options life has to offer. Or so we’re told. But why? Because they make us happy. Because in all their imperfection, they seem right. Stop and think over it. While every other force screams out a warning, deep within your instinct is urging you to take the plunge.
For the most part, the toughest things in life seem to be the most desirable. And in the end, these are the very things that are worth it all. So, why not?