Love Hate Living

It is possible to know someone for a really long time and yet not really understand them at all. We’re all like that – so simple and yet so complicated. Put two of us together and it’s one hell of a rollercoaster ride. A ride you enjoy, a ride you fear and yet a ride you love with all the ups and downs.
You can love and hate just one person at one given point in time. This person gets both, the better and worse of you. You can only as much as expect from the one person you’re willing to give it your all for. That one person who means the world to you. That one person who can make or break your world. And well that’s what they do, in the very same instant, sometimes.
You love them, with all of your heart. And you know that they love you too. But sometimes you just wish that maybe they were willing to spell it out to you. You wish that they didn’t mind taking the risk of being vulnerable to you. You wish they didn’t mind wearing their heart on their sleeve for you. You wish that they really let you in to their dark secrets, trusting you would never judge them. You wish they would let you see their sad side just like the happy one. You wish they wouldn’t find it difficult sharing a life together. You wish they would fight back rather than just give up. You wish they would simply be more expressive. Then again, you only just wish.
Why is it so hard to let go of anger but so easy to give up on love?