Walking down the red carpet

Looking at all the Farewell pictures on my timeline brings back memories of a year ago. This brings back memories of a night I will remember all my life – for many reasons.

Throughout college there’s so much that builds on. Friendships, foes, love, hurt, firsts and lasts, gossip and at the end of it all – THE degree, that kind of sums it up. But on this last night, you’re a different person learning different things about everyone you knew in all this time. Everyone is so full of emotion and zest. And while we’re all out to have a good night, we express every detail of those three years in that one night. Pictures and hugs with all those that mattered. While some friends stuck with you right from the start, you make some good friends made because of this very night. This is the night where you to express and do all that you wish did, no questions asked.

It’s true when they say that the best is saved for the last. Walking down that red carpet, spotting smiling faces everywhere, I couldn’t help but think that there was no other place in the world I would rather be at. But over those smiles you could see the pain. This wasn’t some deep hurt but it was that sadness of knowing that nothing would ever be the same here on and that was close enough. All we had was just another month filled with chaotic lectures and exams followed by a vacation and never coming back.

We all look forward to our moment of glory and this was it for all of us present there that night. Walking down that red carpet, girls clad in their best apparel and boys in their suits. That night we weren’t just college kids but men and women (crazy men and women, of course).

It’s been exactly a year now. And while some of us have moved on with our own lives, with the rest it feels like nothing ever changed. You meet each other after months and catch up like it was just the other day. We’re on our own paths and yet so connected.

There’s no distinct memory I could hold on to because all of it was just as special. I still remember it all so clearly, a party followed by an after party and of course, the after party of the after party.

Farewell 2013, you will always top my most cherished memories.