Happy Father’s Day, Mum!

Not all of us are as lucky to have our men in our lives for as long as we’d like. But God finds a way to fill that void.

For six years, you’ve been our mom AND dad in every way. He left us but you chose to stay and live for us even though it was the toughest thing to do. You’ve been my strength, my example, my parent, my friend. You’ve brought life on the darkest days fighting your own demons. You’ve brought us food and shelter, giving us the best of everything. You’ve given us a family and a life filled with the fondest memories even without dad. And while he’ll be our angel in our hearts, you will always be the stronger one who fought through her darkest days to bring us light. You will be our pillar, our man, our best.

Can a father be replaced? Never. But can he be outdone and beaten? Yes. Believe you me, his absence can be filled and not be missed as much with a mother like mine.

 We love you. You complete us.