Eulogy: Till We Meet Again!

Found this while rummaging through an old drawer. An old sheet of paper folded in a corner, with a handwriting far too familiar. And in a few seconds, I was back to 2008. Back to that state of mind.

Here’s my eulogy for my father. Written six years ago as a 15-year-old. Reading it today, I realise how innocent those emotions were. Also makes me realise, how differently I thought of him as a young girl. I’m putting it down here verbatim to retain its true essence (Ignore the writing and the errors). Thinking back, there’s so much that could’ve been different. But there’s also so much that is real. That day, that night, that moment – will remain with me forever. From a child to a woman, you’re still the one.

24 June 2008:

Dad did not have a very comfortable and easy life. He left home and had to fulfil the responsibility of looking after his family at a very early age. Despite the fact that he missed out on enjoying his life as a youngster, he never rumbled. He did the best that he could for his family with a smile on is face.

He surely was a perfect son to his parents and his in-laws too, a perfect brother to his siblings, a wonderful husband to our mother and perfect father to my brother and me. Moreover, an amazing human being.

Dad would very rarely grumble about anything. Be it with regards to health or else problems at work or another for that matter. He handled every matter very bravely. We always told him our problems, tried to gain solutions from him, ask him for his opinions. But never did he ever let us know when he was tensed. He always kept up to his jovial spirit.

His family has always been the most important priority in his life. He gave us the best. He fulfilled all our needs and wants. Even if he had to sacrifice his likings to fulfil them.

One thing about him, very rarely would he lose his cool. But when he did, it was terrible. Nothing in the world could possibly be more frightening. Thankfully, I didn’t have to face much of this. He was a very jovial man. He could turn the saddest moments into ones filled with laughter.

As I grew up watching mum and dad together, they’ve had a very beautiful relationship. I was always wished to have a husband just like him. He looked after mum very well. Gave her the best he could. Stood by her always. More than a husband, he was her best friend.

I’ve spend the best days of my life with my father. People choose famous personalities as their role models. But for me, it is my dad. He has lived his life so perfectly. Yes, there have been ups and downs no doubt, but he surely did handle them very well.

He always disciplined me when I was in the wrong. Yet more than a father, he’s been a very good friend. He came up a very hard way. Keeping in mind what he faced, he did prepare me well in advance for this day. Generally, when a person comes up the hard way, they try to make life as comfortable as possible for their children so that they don’t face similar hardships in their lives. Dad had a little different thinking when it came to matters like these. However much he pampered me, there were limits. Probably, so that when he wouldn’t be around to grant me what I wanted, I would be able to gain them myself.

When I lost my grandmother, Dad had given me this advice, which is very true indeed, “When we lose a dear one, we shouldn’t mourn over the loss. Instead, we should rejoice that they are at the house of the Lord, a place which is far better.” I don’t think I’ve lost my dad. Instead now on, another angel will watch over me from above and guide me through this journey of life.

I would like to conclude by saying a few words to my dad…, “You’ve been a perfect husband and an amazing father. We love you very much and are very proud of you.”