It’s Okay to Apologise

Is the glass half empty or is it half full? Well that’s an age-old question with no definite answer. Will there ever be one? We all know the answer to that and yet, strongly stand by our perspective; strongly agree to disagree.

Accepting defeat is a task for most of us. We’re always in the race of being ‘right’. And if not, somehow proving that we might just be. Is that the right way to approach daily situations and relationships though? Who are we kidding?

Perspectives differ and they must. Isn’t that what being dynamic is all about? The challenge lies in our willingness to accept these differences of opinion. There’s no shame in being wrong about something or someone. There’s no way we could ‘know it all’. Humility is a gift. A gift we all should welcome and nurture.

Egos, I’ve learnt, hold the power of ruining our lives. Relationships are put at stake and not cared about. It’s definitely not what we want but conveniently shelf anyway.

The real question is, would you rather be alone or compromise to ease the tension instead? Sometimes, just maybe, it is wiser to apologise than to feed our egos instead.