What’s Supposed To Be? What Truly Is?

We want love because we don’t need it. But mostly, we need it too much.

Before this we were friends… just friends. And that let us be who we wanted to be. What changed after that? Being in a relationship and expectations? Why do we fight all the time? Why aren’t we as honest as we should be?

I’m attracted to every last bit of you – your mind, body and soul. I love you and I know that you love me. But what if that’s all we have in common?

We’re different people who want very different things. I thought that could work. By common belief, don’t opposites actually attract? Why are we falling apart then? Are we going through the clichéd phase? “Strangers. Friends. Best Friends. Lovers. Strangers.” It’s the journey I dread. It’s a journey I’m not prepared for, I’m not willed for.

I don’t want to be what we can be or what we’re supposed to be. I want to be what we dream of. I know we dream of being ‘dreamy’. Let’s make that a reality.

Day of silence, I could take it just this once. I don’t have the capacity to through it again. A break-up would mean complete heart-break. And while my mind might move on, my soul will always belong to you even in its broken state.

You’re my love story. I want you to be a part of my story and I want to be a part of yours; every chapter, every day. Let’s not have just our love in common but more. I want to feel your soul and not just your worldly body. I want to grow beyond fiction, with you.

These thoughts will always haunt me until we reach our safe haven. I’m always going to wonder, “What’s supposed to be?”, “What truly is?” and there will be no definite answer. I’m going to worry and fear and maybe, even push you away. And yet deep down hope that you fight to stay. I’m complicated, more than life can get. Are you willing to push through that? Are you willing to fight if you have to? Are you willing to stay?

I need you more than every other thing that’s a necessity to mankind. I need your love.