Dark and Dangerous

Sometimes all it takes is a motivational speech or a strong movie to shake you up. Truth be told, you suddenly feel awakened and self-righteous. But it’s just a matter of a few days until this feeling fades off, yet again.

Today, it was one of those conventional Bollywood movies that really struck a chord. While the performances and script were brilliant, the aftermath left me shaken. If anything, the movie left me more worried.

Bombay – the city of dreams; the city of life – shelters so many people everyday. And while I’d like to think that I live in one of the world’s loveliest cities, I can’t help but imagine the terror that takes over the city every other second. Walking down a street, you don’t know who’s watching you and how. You don’t know how often you’re followed. And while, it’s easy getting to work and bitching about the  lecherous men we dodged, how safe is it to say that that was the end of them? There are times you pay the price for another’s fight. You may be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It isn’t easy scanning each man like he may attack you. I hate walking down the street with my eyes over my shoulder every two minutes. It is so disgraceful to have men pass lewd comments as if it’s usual and normal. It isn’t easy being a woman anymore.

It is scary to think that you could almost be a victim. A victim of rape, a victim of scandals, a victim of trade; most importantly, a victim of insensitivity. It is scary to imagine how easy it is to add a price to one’s life. The life we live with so much pride and delight. Even the most narcissistic being will be shuddered and stripped off their confidence. All it takes is a a fraction of a second.

In this world filled with hate and aguish, we must still dare to hope (or so I would like to believe). This may be delusional, this may be just another bunch of words. But with the hope of this reaching someone somewhere, here’s my plea.

Dear Mr/Ms Gangster,

Deep within you’re human. You’re crooked and cold but you’re still human. Look beyond your crafty mind and negative hole. Watch the sun shine golden each day, watch the moon light up the sea. Hear the waves and the feel the breeze. Look at the horizon expand and seize the moment. Lighten your minds and hearts and change. Change for a better tomorrow. Change for a safer place. Change with the fear of God; with the fear of your own demons.

Life is too short and you want to live it large. So go out and live. Money is just paper dust. It’s here today, it’s gone tomorrow. Power is a game and there are different ways to play it. Playing with someone’s life isn’t your best bet.

Dear Rich Man,

You’re educated, you’re rich, your powerful. Does that give you the right to do what you’re doing? Does that give you the right to please yourself at the cost someone else’s pain? Does that give you the right to judge and define a girl’s character and assassinate it? What gives you the right to crush her modesty and trust with your fake friendship?

Go gamble, go drink, go smoke – but why would you pride yourself in ripping a child off of her virginity and shuddering her conscience? Spend your money wisely. Educate the child or woman you choose to molest. Offer her a dignified life instead of taking it away. Do more good than evil. Aren’t you corrupt enough anyway?

Dear Sadist,

Get some help, we’re here for you. Rescue yourself from your own bondage. Find satisfaction in love and not in pain. Rise above your demons, rise above this living hell. You have no right to decide what she deserves, you never did. Stop and stare at yourself and at those around you. You don’t want to be that person, you want to be better – you can be better.

You mask your bruised ego with fake pride. How do you sleep at night? How are you at peace with yourself?

Do you like watching us live in fear? Do you like wiping innocence off the face of the earth? Do you like killing our souls? Do you enjoy scarring lives? Do you like breaking homes? Do you enjoy watching us begging to let go? Do you enjoy watching us squirm? Do you like turning this world into a dark and dangerous place? Yes, you do. And so again, how are you at peace with yourself?

I dare you to swap your mind with that of the victim’s. Feel the rush of emotion and panic. You think you own her the moment you take over her body but in reality, you’ve killed her. I dare you to feel powerless and captured. I dare you to feel fear and rage in the same instant. I dare you to feel the chills in your spine. I dare you to feel helpless as your world is spinning around you. I dare you to watch your world come crashing down. I dare you to feel hurt and alone. I dare you to be her.

You kill her very being. While she’ll be just another trophy in your eyes and a boost to your boastful arrogance, she’s really just a body with an empty mind. So fight your dirty desires and be a better human being. Fame, money and power doesn’t give you the right to do as you please. It offers you the opportunity to make this world a better place. Maybe even make yourself a better person. After all, charity does begin at home.

Free us from thoughts of worry. Imagine a world where women needn’t worry about their safety or that of their loved ones. Go ahead and build a world towards freedom from one’s own demons. Indulge if you may, but not at the cost of one’s life. Rise above violence and assault against women. Don’t you see? She’s a mother, a daughter, a friend, a colleagues – she’s a human being, just like you.

In this constant war, there’s no definite victory. Why are we so afraid of nuclear weapons and the economic downfall, when the real war is already in motion? We’re out for blood every day – cold and brutal. What is the worth of the most powerful weapon, when man is so willing to end his kind with his own selfish behaviour? The fact that a lot of us are not willing to stop and think rationally, is an end in itself. Why kill flesh and blood when emotion, souls and humanity cease to exist anyway?

Share this, with the hope of it reaching someone somewhere. Share this for change in the smallest way possible. Share this if you feel how I feel. Share this, as a plea.

I want to feel safe. Maybe not with a stranger, but with my own. I want to wake up as the infant I once was, with no memory of such harsh realities. If only, there were a wish upon every star. If only…

Expose your dreams and ambition, not her body
Add to her laughter, not her pain
Bring her flowers, not hand-cuffed chains
Offer her support, avoid any judgement
Respect her choices, value her being
Admire her strength, don’t suppress her will to grow
Challenge her opinions, don’t cuff her by the door
Shower her with affection, don’t strip off her emotion
She’s not a commodity to use for your satisfaction
Treat her like a lady
That’s the best you can do

Pictures: weheartit.com