Hello New Year!

2014 has had its share of ups and downs. Through these good and bad times, I’ve learnt a couple of things…

January ~ Home is where the family is
We grow up over the years, with life constantly running against the clock. But if there’s anything that stays constant, it’s your family. We can travel world and see the wonders, but the comfort you feel around your family cannot be replaced. Home is where you feel the safest and at ease. No matter where in the world, if you’re with your family, you’ve found your safe haven. The last year has taught me not to take them for granted, because you may have many friends or partners, but you’ll have just one family.

February ~ Some relationships grow fonder over time
They say distance and time work against making relationships work. But if anything, they truly make the heart grow fonder. Be it your family or friends, relationships mature over time. Anger and hurt are passing emotions which strengthen any bond. In this last year, I’ve realised that there’s nothing more beautiful than growing old with the same people, reliving old memories and making new ones. Relationships are like wine, they get better with age.

March ~ Age is just a number
Age is nothing but a number. At twenty-one, I don’t shy out from being the one-year-old I once was and probably will always be. And then there are days when you assume the role of someone much older because you must. Life is too short to measure it by a number. You are as old as you imagine yourself to be, 18 or 80!

April ~ Silence is king
I’ve had days filled with chaos and commotion, from the world outside and on days even from within. On days when the world is out to bite you, silence is your saving grace. It’s a gift to be at peace with yourself, sitting in silence and not thinking out loud. I’ve using it generously is the one of the best things you could do for yourself.

May ~ Work isn’t a task, it’s a hobby
Most people crib and complain about their days. But if you find what you love and you do it with all your heart, work could be the best thing to ever happen to you. No day after this feels monotonous, instead, the challenge is only exciting.

June ~ Sometimes losing is better than winning
When in an argument, we’re always out to have the last word. We’re always out to win. Sometimes, letting the other person win is better than souring a relationship. Losing or giving in doesn’t mean you’re weak, it just means you’re willing to let go of the smaller things for bigger blessings.

July ~ The darkest storms are followed by the brightest days
Not all days in the year will be the best. Some days you wish never happened; you wish you could skip those chapters and never look back. But if it isn’t for these trials, we wouldn’t know what good days are all about. For life is meant to be filled with bittersweet moments. Moments that teach you to value the little things, moments that teach you the essence of life as we know it.

August ~ Goodness and happiness come in plenty if you let it
Your day is subject to your mood. Take each day in your stride, and no day will pass by unpleasantly. Happiness will come to you in the darkest hour and on the coldest night. If you believe it, the sun will shine bright even through the darkest clouds. Believe and it will happen to you.

September ~ Dreams do come true
No dream is without reason. We dream of what we want and if you make a wish with all your heart, these very dreams do come true. The will is within, you just need to act on it.

October ~ Love can be lost
Nothing is ever constant or permanent in life, not even the eternal flame within us. Forever is a myth. Love can be lost, and it will be found again some day. Holding on to something just because you think it’s what you need only destroys you. Falling out of love is just as easy as falling in love, and that’s okay. Promises may not always be kept, but that shouldn’t stop you from asking for what you truly deserve. In loss comes hope!

November ~ You are who you need
In the end, you are all you need. Most people would beg to differ. While some rely on worldly graces, others speak of spiritual and emotional guidance. But if there’s anyone who can drive you, it is you. Over the past year I’ve learned that there’s no room to blame another for your loss or downfall. It is you who makes or breaks your own being ~ for better or for worse.

December ~ You only live once
Life is too short to hold your sufferings and grudges above all. The most important lesson in this year has been to learn to let go. Let go of what you think should be and cherish what is yours. YOLO, live well!

As the new year sets in, I look forward to a better tomorrow filled with more promise, more challenges, more trials, more celebrations ~ I look forward to another year filled with many more memories and lessons, I look forward to 2015. Hello New Year!