Little Things Women Want

Boys will continue to wonder what women really “want” from them. There’s no age where you have it all figured out. So here you go… A little insight into our ‘usually-open-yet-very-complicated’ minds.

Remember. Forever.

Be open to moods and emotions
We need you to understand that we don’t have control over our emotions as much as we claim to. Not always do we really want that opinion or smart answer, sometimes an arm around our shoulders will do. Be calm when we’re cranky, liven us when we’re too silent. We’re hormonal and being able to understand and deal with that is a big step towards living up to what we want.

Wittiness will win you wonders
No, don’t crack a joke on something trivial and break into splits of laughter. It isn’t about competing with the best comedians, or quoting Chandler on a gloomy night. We’re not always looking forward to you being in your best mood, sometimes simply laughing with us is enough too.
ps. There’s a fine line between being cocky and funny, don’t cross it.

There’s no fixed day for a celebration
We remember dates like an evergreen calendar. No anniversary is ever dated. But remember boys, there’s no such thing as ‘no room for surprises’ in a girl’s mind. Treat each day like there won’t be another. Make our hearts melt, and you will be rewarded. Take every moment you get to let her know how much you love her, it never gets old. We don’t want a fancy drive or a hotel room filled with rose petals. Walk in early on a Thursday night with a flower in your hand, and you’ve won us over already.

Responsibilities are meant for two
Don’t make your woman choose you over her career. Don’t make your woman feel like she does any less than you, and is ought manage your house chores. Take over the home on weekends, let us go take a day off at the spa. Do this without us asking, and do it with sincerely. We truly appreciate the men who understand that it isn’t our job to shuffle between our careers and social life. Don’t ask us to choose you over a night out with our parents or guilt trip us into giving you the benefit of the doubt. Your support makes life a lot easier.

Loyalty matters
Cheating is unacceptable. No circumstance is ever excusable once you’ve decided on being a relationship with us. We can’t last if we can’t trust you. And we will always trust you, unless you give us reason to feel otherwise.

Respecting her individuality is key
We have our wants and desires just like you do. Truly understanding and respecting that is the best way to let us know you love us. Be willing to face a day when we’re least motivated. Our work, family, friends and choices mean a lot to us personally. You mean a lot to us. On days that we disagree, don’t dismiss our thoughts because they differ from your own. The world can mean different things to men and women, but in the end, you respecting her views is what matters to her.

It’s all about the sex
Don’t be surprised, women enjoy sex as just as much as men do, if not more. Emotions aside, a enjoyable sexual connect trumps even the larger things. We need someone who can sense our desires and fulfil our needs. A woman loves a man who can make her feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. Love us tender, love us sweet.

Women will always crave for the little things that men easily overlook or consider ‘not too important’. Be the guy who tried to get her number and took her to that first date. Women need stories they can brag about to their girlfriends. Give them that chance. Treat them to a surprise every now and then, shower her with special gestures. Express your love when they least expect it and remind them of why y’all are meant to be. Relive old memories, and give her reason to believe in this fairytale.