Romanticise: Make a Good Girl Go Crazy

There’s never a perfect time for anything. There’s never really the perfect occasion to celebrate. Treat her right everyday and surprise on just any day. Romance spills out of spontaneity and fun. Surprise her, ’cause there’s no better way to treat her like your lady. Go ahead and do the best you can do.

Be the first to remember your anniversaries
Plan a little something for her this time and surprise her with the thought. Light up a cupcake and show up at her door. Call her at midnight and make her smile. Let her wake up to a bouquet of her favourite flowers and pastries. Shower all your loving like it’s the best day you’ve been looking forward to.

Write her romantic letters
Every now and then, write her letters. Post her little notes, describing the way you feel about her.  Send her postcards with your dream destinations and more. There’s no better way than to surprise your lady with a random note in the middle of the day. On busy days, leave her an email with your cheesiest self. But don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten letter. Old school has always been rad. Highlight your favourite poem or her favourite quote from the author she loves. Imagine her quizzically staring at the postman until she recognises that handwriting. And in that moment, imagine her smile when she sees your letter. It will make her day.Love Letters

Make her a record
Record a playlist of your favourite songs together. Make it a musical story of memories that the two of you shares. There’s nothing quite like listening to a mixtape of memories on silent days, reminding her of your love. Personalise the CD cover and make her go aww. There’s no better way to connect two hearts than through music. It touches the soul and clears the mind of every doubt, so here’s your chance. Combine a mix of songs that tell her how you truly feel. Words may fall short but your perfect song with touch her the right spots of her heart.Love Mixtape for Her
Invite her to your favourite hideout

Drive her down your favourite road or watch the sunrise from your favourite cliff. Invite her to sit by the lake over a couple of beers. Share your stories of the place with her and listen as she tells you about hers. Create new memories at your favourite places with your now favourite person. Let her know how personal this means to you and let her in. Walk down a quiet beach and watch the stars together. Take her to your terrace in the middle of the night. Giggle over sneaking in and watch the night sky together. Surprise her by giving her access to your private spots. In all these moments as you talk her through your memories, don’t forget to see the magic in her eyes. You will amaze her.Watch Fireworks
Sing to her

Write her a song and sing to her. Sing your favourite record that conveys just the way you feel. Let her know how much she means to you, let her know how much you truly care. Show her your soft side, show her you’re willing to try.Song for Her
Surprise her with the private screening of her favourite movie (Hint: Big Screen)

Screen her favourite movie at your favourite spot with a bottle of, well something. Cuddle in with her while go awh and oh and enjoy being mushy with her. Let her know that her taste is your taste and that you’re willing explore. It will make her day (and yours too ;)). Watch her cry and watch the night sky. Watch her appreciate the gesture and you.Movie Screening
Cook her dinner

Tell her you’ll take her out to fine wine & dine and surprise her with some candle-light at your place instead. Cook her your best meal, topped with dessert and wine. Watch her glow in the light of your surprise and you’ll see that it was all worth it.Dinner Date
Plan a surprise visit

Track her dates and schedules and plan a trip when she’s least expecting you. A few hours or maybe days, spend all those moments together and cherish the sweet surprise. There’s nothing that would surprise her any better. She’ll remember this for life.Surprise Visit
Favourite author and celebrity charm

Make it big with her favourite celebrity. Take her to the concert she’s been dreaming of, or fly withher to her dream game. Watch her gleam with excitement at just the thought, let alone when you actually make it happen for her. Look up her favourite author and surprise with an autograph. Gift her with a limited edition copy of her favourite book and sign it with all your love. Create a scrapbook of her favourite quotes and build your own story.

Coldplay ConcertFavourite Author

Tell her you love her
In the silence of the night or buzz of the day, there’s never a right or wrong time to let her know how much you love her. Let her know, every second of every passing day. Call her in the middle of the day to let know or leave her a text while she’s asleep. Let her wake up to the thought, let her sleep with it. These ‘three words & eight letters’ say them and she’s yours. Surrender yourself to her in the best way you can. Hold no bars and leave no room for secrets. Let her in to your life as she lets you in to hers. There’s no story she can’t know – make her a part of your past, present and future, all the same. Treat her like your lady, give her every right. Tell her that you love her and mean it with all your heart.I Love You
Do the little things you can do and make her happy. Make her smile in the middle of nowhere and capture that moment. It’s these little things that build a lifetime together. Sometimes, looking the other way can make your happiness wither away. Love needs no grand gestures but simple efforts. You may have it all figured out or not at all. Skip the grand premiere and set the stage for a private screening.Hold her hand with every chance you get. Kiss her with emotion. Hug her like you’ll never let go.  Love her like there’s no tomorrow. And you will be loved…