Love, Laugh & Live

Now is never enough, not really anyway. Why think “there’s always a tomorrow” or that “it’s never too late”? What if – yes – what if tomorrow never comes?

We all have dreams. Big ones built on small ones. Yes, tomorrow is where the mountain top lies but today is where the journey is. In the hope of a better tomorrow, we ignore what we have in the present. We set aside what we could do now, as an excuse for what we should do in the future. But what if this costs you having a tomorrow at all?

Value yourself right here, right now – because nothing is ever promised.

So… if tomorrow is now?

Live up to all that you believe in and showcase it to the world. Every situation is just another stage where the actors and performances constantly change. Now it’s me, then it’s you. Stand up for your choices even though it’s difficult. Jump the gun even if it means taking a risk. List down your wants and not just your needs. Get out of your lazy bubble, why take the chance?

Express yourself like never before. Show the ones you love what they mean to you. Plan your tomorrow today, step by step, by treating each day like it’s your last. Don’t let go of that feeling that makes you feel alive. Seize every moment of every day.