Why Your Younger Brother Will Always Be The Best Man In Your Life

Dedicated to my baby brother, Kieran (aka Kieru, Jepelepy K, Darling, Baby, etc.). ‘Cause on the gloomiest days, you’re my sunshine and with you, everything is perfect.

Younger brothers are that part of your life that’s most adorable but also annoying in a likeable way. You can find new love more than once in life, and it’s often lost too. But when the going gets tough and you look back to who’s standing by your side… on the darkest days you will always find him right there by your side. With him, it’s the kind of love that you will take to your grave (with a smile).

The very first time you held him in your arms, your life changed with the little bundle of joy (and trouble) wrapped in white. You spend nights and days trying to keep him calm and asleep. You’ve watched him say his first words. When his first words were ‘Mama’, you felt a pang a jealousy but in no time his chirpy laughter made it all go away. You were there to catch him when he took his first steps and tripped. You fed him with care, carried him everywhere, sang to him in the middle of the night, did the silliest things to make him smile, and before you know he became your world.

Despite the name calling, the yelling, punching and pinching, the crying, and pillow battles, the love keeps you close. While your father might be your one true love and first man in your life, you’ll find that through thick and thin, it’s your brother who will always look out for you. And this just makes him the best man in your life.

He will always be your firstborn child
He can shy away from this and wave you off as being silly, but he will always be your first baby.  Having a younger brother, you learn the art of motherhood ahead of your time. You become a big part of his first words, his first crawl, his first fall, his first day at school, his first handwritten sentence, among many other ‘firsts’ in his life.

You learn the true meaning of innocent love overtime as he reaches out for you. He teaches you the mum-code, and how.

His presence makes a difference to life as you know it
He always reminds you of what really matters in life. He brings back memories of a time that was a lot simpler and there is no beating that feeling. No matter what the age gap, you share memories of bike rides, beach visits, running around trees, wrestling in bed, pillow fights, bear hugs, first beers, sneaky night outs and so much more. The thrill in those very moments will probably be the best you could ever have.

As life moves on and the two of you grow older, your relationship stays the same. Even at 50, he will remind you of the times that needed no worrying but simply the will to be.

He will never judge you
Through bad relationships, bad hair days, drunken nights, heavy hangovers, jail time, bitter fights, and unemployed broke days, a brother will look you in the eye and be honest about your mess. But in the end, he’ll also hug you and bail you out of your bad days. He won’t judge you, he simply can’t.

He will fight for you even when he’s fighting you
Even if you are in the middle of punches and blows, if your parents or someone else tries to put you down, he will instantly defend you. These reactions are mutual between the two of you; an instinct that the two of you can’t quite resist. Through the good and bad, you will look out for him and him, you.

He loves you blindly
Through thick and thin, he will love you, no matter what. After your mum, you are his biggest inspiration and go-to person. And while you’ll always be daddy’s girl, your brother is your safeguard when you need a cover. He has seen you in your most embarrassing moments and will love you regardless.

He makes you laugh
If there’s one person who gets you with just a simple glance, it’s your brother. This bond is gifted with an innate sense of humour. He can make you laugh with code words, memories, looks, and by being his silly self, and that never gets old.

He makes a great listener and friend
He will sit patiently by your side, even if it means listening to you cry over your heartbreak. He is always game for your problems and crazy jokes with the same spirit, because they’re just as important to him. He has a mature side, even though he seldom shows it.

He makes a great companion on holidays, willing to try new things with you. Only your brother will agree to watching a movie with you even if it’s against his liking and taste. You’re the one girl he doesn’t mind being the boy-code for.

He pampers you
He will get you what you want, when you want it. From saving that last bite of your favourite dish, to showering you with gifts on your birthday, he knows how to pamper his elder sister.

Your little brother will surprise you with your favourite things, even it means spending all his pocket money just to bring a smile to your face.

He knows you best
Watching you grow up, he knows every little detail about you. Your likes and dislikes are known to him better than his own. He values your opinion and you, his. He is your go-to person for fashion advice, ’cause hey, no one dotes on you better than your little brother while being completely honest with you. Not even your boyfriend. He knows when you’re hiding something, he knows when something’s off. He knows how to surprise you and make you the happiest girl in the world.

He knows you a lot better than he lets on.

And as time passes, you will continue to share a love-hate relationship with your brother but he will always be among the most precious people in your life. In the end, love takes over.

For ten years of my life, I was the only child and I loved every bit of that. But to me, ever since, it’s been a different life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.