Magic X: My rendezvous with Ed Sheeran

“There’s your idea of love and then there’s a lego house filled with love built by Ed Sheeran. Once upon a chai I received this random call. A call that went like “Hey Chriselle! Congratulations!!! You’ve won a ticket to the Ed Sheeran concert in Bombay and a Meet & Greet with the man himself!” And as the date neared, I was living the dream – Ed Sheeran, his guitar and my racing heart.”

Ed taught me about ‘love’. His songs showed me how. His misty lyrics made me appreciate love under a different light. You would think it isn’t possible to be more in love with someone or something, but after his concert, I’ve fallen deeper in love with him.

As I tune into Ed’s setlist from the concert and relive every melody and memory, let me take you back to one of the best days of my life. Ed’s Multiply tour – Mumbai happened a few months ago, 1 March 2015 to be precise. Ever since I’ve had him on my playlist, I dreamed of attending his concerts.

Have you ever woken up filled with glee? Have you walked around feeling on top of the world? This is how I felt on the day of the concert. We all have a bucket list to live in the now and carpe diem. Striking this one off felt amazing. It felt like magic multiplied.

Meeting Ed Sheeran still feels like a dream. More like a dream in a dream. Every once in a while I swipe my phone and there it is. Proof of one of the best nights of my life.

Ed Sheeran

Meet & Greet
A couple of months ago, I get this call from an unknown number telling me I won some contest and that I get to meet Ed. At first I couldn’t believe it and thought it was some silly prank. I was already prepped for the concert with my tickets booked and date set. But MEET ED SHEERAN? Sometimes I still think back on this call and praise my luck. And so it happened…

Quite frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this Meet & Greet. I enter the building where the Meet & Greet is being held and as fate (or luck) would have it, I’m in the elevator with this tall good-looker who I couldn’t resist “staring” at. Those few seconds felt like a mini treat before the big spread. Turns out, the tall handsome dude was Ed’s bodyguard. Why didn’t I know this earlier?

So anyway, we were waiting and chatting, when Ed was taken to the media room where we’d get to meet him. A few minutes later (which felt like a 100 hours), we were called in to meet Ed. With that call, my excitement levels hit the roof and everything else was this faint background score.

Ed in black. Arms covered in tattoos, telling his stories. He was surrounded by security and his team. The media, journalists and radio jockeys, flattering him and his music. As we walked in, I couldn’t help staring at him… everything else was a blur. There he was – Ed in black.

He was the perfect shade of ginger. He smelled so good. His body was warm, so was he. He smiled at me. Shy. Down to earth. He was a gentleman. He introduced himself (as if it were necessary) and flashed the warmest smile I’ve ever seen (no exaggeration). He put his arms around me and gestured towards a picture. Ever since, those are the arms I would kill to run back in to.

I’ve loved Ed and his music for a long time now. After this day, it’s safe to say I was smitten and had found the love of my life.

Ed Sheeran Concert

His music was magic. He was magical.

The Concert
As the night light set in and Ed took centre stage, he was prepared to serenade the crowd and give us all a night to remember. Watching just him and a guitar under the spotlight, felt magical.


Ed stood out in a blue kurta against the multiple stage screens. He started his set singing I’m a Mess and welcomed the crowd with “Hi, my name is Ed and my job for the night is to entertain you. From that very minute, we were showered with two hours of great energy, music, laughter, entertainment and Ed. It was after two songs that I realised he didn’t have a band. But after those two songs, did he need one? Not at all. He sang every note filled with energy, and had the crowd singing with him. A combination of both worked wonders.

With every new song, I closed my eyes and screamed the lyrics out loud with thousands of others who were on the same turf. I sang, I danced, I screamed, I cried. His command on stage and over the crowd was brilliant.

There’s no way you could pick any one song from his set because every note and beat exhibited pure radiance. Whether it was everyone singing along to Tenerife Sea or dreaming about being his girl when he sang Kiss Me. I still remember, he performed Thinking Out Loud, his then #1 track and the crowd went crazy. The video played on the graphic monitors and he serenaded the crowd in to a state of romance. But then… he tuned into his loop and the graphics turned to this hue of red. As the melody sunk in, I knew this was going to be my performance of the night. I See Fire. He played the prelude and I instantly screamed my lungs out. There’s something about that song and his voice that gives me goosebumps. He shone bright against the blazing screens behind him and took the song to a whole new level while singing it live. There’s no way it’ll ever be half as good on my playlist. That moment was magnetic, it was life-changing.

Ed Sheeran I See Fire
Ed Sheeran performing I See Fire at his Multiply tour in Mumbai, India | Picture: Fly Music Festival

As the night grew darker, I was more in love with him. He was so full of love, it showed in his music. He was so full of passion, it showed in his performance. He continued to amaze me with his voice and every bit of his being. I doubt there’ll ever be another one-man concert in this age as spectacular as this one.

There’s a line from one of Ed’s favourite songs that he has tattooed on his arm that says:

I came to this world with nothing and I leave with nothing but love. Everything else is just borrowed.

This sums up my experience at his concert. And if you can, you really must watch Ed Sheeran live at least once.