My Parents, My Superheroes

“My dad was in the merchant navy and so as a child we used to sail a lot, visit different countries, and spend a lot of time together as a family in the middle of the seven seas. I still have this distinct memory of the three of us walking down the jetty one day, my hands in theirs, singing some random song I came up with in the moment. This was when I was about eight or nine and it was one of dad’s last voyages. I thought to myself, was this going to be the end of our happy bubble? Thanks to the best parents I could wish for, it wasn’t and they continue to be the biggest blessing in my life.”

Being the only child for nine years meant that we were all that there was for each other. Growing up my parents were my best friends. Honestly, for most of it, they were my only friends. To this day, I cannot imagine living away from home even though I want to explore the world. The little girl who feared the dark and stood by her mother’s side every night still lives. The girl who looked back to her father for support on a new day at school still lives. She will live till the end of time.

Not many are lucky to have parents who treat you as an equal. Not many are lucky to have parents who support their dreams. Not many are lucky to find great friends in their parents. Not many are lucky to have a happy home and family. On this day, I thank my stars for these two angels in my life.

I strongly believe a big part of you is a reflection of who your parents are. Whether it’s social conditioning or their genes, a lot of your choices in life are drawn from them. They are your first role models and and in some way who you aspire to be. As for me, I have big ambitions in life but what I truly hope is to be the kind of parent my parents have been to me. To be able to bring up new life in good faith and principle.

Parents truly are our superheroes in their own right. They save us not only from facing evil but also from doing evil. They watch out for us even in the darkest hour. They’re the kind of heroes that don’t need a cape or superpowers to stand out. Their power lies in their love. Their love for you, for me, for us as children.

Happy Parents' Day
Inspired by the Archdiocese of Bombay campaign on Parents’ Day

Happy parents’ day dear mum and dad!
Thank you for never letting go and always being there for me and with me.