Sunrises, sunsets and bottles of Jack!

“My relationships have defined me over the years. Whether its learning the art of honesty and loyalty from my best friends or how to be fun loving and passionate from my friends at work. My friends continue to teach me the art of life and help me be a better version of myself.”

New people scare me. In fact, being social to me a talent. One that I certainly don’t possess. Over the past few years, I’ve been so envious of people who fit right in, with any crowd on any given occasion. It truly is a gift.

Lucky for me, through my social awkwardness and love for alone time, I made some pretty good friends. Through out friendship, they have and continue to stand by my side. Most importantly, they’ve taught me how to laugh, live and love.

Since 1999: Through vengaboys, well-tucked pinafores and long distance phone calls
Have you ever broken up with your best friend? More than once? Could she play any more hard to get? I guess knowing someone for as long as your life warrants quirks like these. You know you’ve found your best friend when you challenge each other, for each other!

Since 2007: Through late night phone calls, first rains and sandy shores
There’s always a side of you that only your best guy friend will see and probably, take to his grave. You know you’ve found your soul mate when he knows you better than you know yourself. 

Since 2008: Through teenage heartbreaks, prom and a wedding
A new city and new people don’t always mean good news. But lucky for me, I found a bunch of friends so diverse that being different felt normal for a change. 

Since 2010: Through senior college, a week-long getaway trip and stark sunsigns
‘Two is company, three is a wild-ass party’. People, they’re like different pieces of a puzzle scattered on the ground. When put together, they fit perfectly and complete the picture. Lucky for me, I’ve found my perfect picture and it hangs well on my bedroom wall.

Since 2013: Through coffee, passion and office politics
Finding work that you grow to love is good luck. Finding true friends at your work place is a blessing. And I’ve been blessed in abundance.

Since 2014: Through varied perspectives, professions and postgraduation
Sometimes you meet people in the most unexpected situations and you grow close without even realising it.

Through many sunsets, sunrises and bottles of Jack, I’ve learnt that friendship isn’t a one-way street. You’ve got to be the best friend you want to the great friends you have in your life. In fact, be the best version of yourself with them. Every person is different and has their own set of ways. Adapt to those ways and find your rhythm. Respect their point of view but also challenge them. As friends, you bring out the best in each other. You’re at liberty to be honest and yet not get offensive. Motivate each others’ dreams and ambitions. Speak your heart out when you must but also listen to them when they need you. Most importantly, I’ve learnt that memories and good company trump materialistic pleasures. So let your friends know how much you love them. Friendship is a gift; appreciate and acknowledge it!

Cheers to the special ones in my life!