What if God was one of us?

What if God was one of us?
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make His way home

Over the last few years, I’ve met a couple of people who talk about a changed life. A changed life, not by choice, but some divine intervention in the form of extreme praise and worship. It’s quite fascinating actually! Have you ever watched someone live a completely different life and one fine day wake up to believe that it was all wrong?

Being brought up in a staunch Catholic family, I strongly believe in a higher power. And over these years, my faith has never been an obligation but my way of life. To me, this higher power is one’s conscience. Here’s the thing… you or me making daily offerings, praying out loud or regularly visiting the house of God, doesn’t make up for us leading a life of poor choices or wrong doings. It doesn’t compensate for our “sins”.

I admire you, dear friends, family and strangers, who preach about this change and a new life. But wouldn’t you rather surrender yourself to Him instead of living some make-believe life based on a man-made image of him? I cannot imagine one’s faith being restricted to a rule book written by God himself. Do not chain yourself to the idea of God. Welcome him in your life and embrace the transformation. Do not live two lives, do not live a lie. God made you in his own image and likeness, nurture that creation.

God transforms people for the greater good and that of those in their lives. If propagating a way of life demands that you push people away or live within certain confines prescribed by your “image” of God and his commandments, what good is that?

Lately, I’ve grown to dislike people who conveniently wipe out their past actions, against the claim of being born again. I feel sorry for those who push their friends away because they’re not good enough anymore. What good is it if you can’t respect your own family? What good is it if you can’t respect your own life? What good is it if you can’t get on your feet and build a better future? What good is it if you can’t sleep in peace every night? Through all the preaching, praise and worship, I don’t see true faith. I see a book of set rules. I see this man-made idea of God, and not God himself. I’ve seen more fights and distance, rather than compassion and closeness. I see cold relationships. God isn’t all of this…

God isn’t controlling.
God isn’t judgmental.
God is humanity.
God is love.
God is forgiveness.
God is in you and in me.
What if God is one of us?