Chasing life

“I’ve had far too many turning points in my life, even for this age. Was it destiny? Maybe. On occasion did I push myself into a corner? Yes.”

We chase this vicious circle of life, wanting a good education, career, life partner, family and finally, the perfect retirement plan. In the midst of chasing these dreams and in trying to make them a reality, we miss out on the little things that actually count in life.

What if you found out that your life was ending in three months? Would you still live it the same way? Stop and think about it. Once you have, list down all the things you’d want to do before life ‘as you know it’ hits the blindspot. Go on to live the life you’ve had planned. But every once in a while, take some time out and check off the list you just made. You owe this to yourself, because what’s life’s worth if it isn’t wholly lived on your own terms instead of those decided for you?


Source: The Logical Indian

Life isn’t just about goals. Sure, they give you a sense of accomplishment but living in the moment and being impulsive every now and then gives you the edge over the universe. It’s in these moments that you live. You can boast about your great grades but you can only cherish memories of a road trip with your friends. You may land the perfect job and be on top of the world but you may not have someone worthwhile to share that happiness with.

So…stop and think. Make that list you’ve always thought about and live it. Carpe diem.