Hello, it’s me
I was wondering if after all these years
You’d like to meet, to go over everything
They say that time’s supposed to heal ya
But I ain’t done much healing

Last week, my friends and I were talking about Adele and her last record. It had been so long, we even debated over the last song she released. We talked about her talent and power, and about how we would most likely not have another artist as sensational as her through our generation. That evening, I spent most of the night replaying Adele’s music and crying through every song. I held on to each lyric and cried even harder. I mean, how does one just lose their voice and never come back?

Days later, my brother tells me that Adele is out with her new single and I almost didn’t believe him. I don’t usually believe in coincidence, I find it eerie. But it’s the best coincidence to have happened in a while. It almost felt like she was singing to you and me…Hello, it’s me.

I first heard Adele because of A Cinderella Story. I’ve been in love with the soundtrack of this movie for years and I remember looking for To Make You Feel My Love on YouTube and Adele’s version was right up there. It’s such a beautiful song that you can’t escape the tears no matter how many times you listen to it. Her version was so much better than Kelley’s, I had to look her up and ever since, I’ve been in awe.

Most artists today will entertain you and maybe even fall in love with their work. But not all artists are as memorable. Adele’s second album made me feel what she felt. Her songs spoke to me and even for me. She helped me overcome my insecurities and vulnerabilities. She’s among the few compelling storytellers I know, delivering emotional ballads song after song. Her music and lyrics are more liberating than heartbreaking. Her songs are dark but also admirable. Her voice is so passionate, it’s enough to dampen your eyes.

Some may say that three years was worth the wait but for me, I’m glad the wait is finally over. I cannot wait for November to end and for her entire album to be out. The thought of having food for my soul excites me beyond imagination. Until then, I’ve found the perfect fix – Hello on replay.

Thank you for believing in yourself and coming back for dreamers like me. You’ve shown me hope on my darkest days. I’ve missed you. As a tribute to one of my favourite female artists and inspirations, here’s an illustration of my favourite lyrics from Hello, Adele, 25.