Give thanks

“We focus so much on everything that goes wrong that we miss out on what’s right in our lives.”

Often we forget to value the good that comes to us because we take it for granted. Sure, come this time of the year everyone brings out their turkeys and cameras and celebrates thanksgiving. We finally count our blessings, only to get back to the vicious circle of never-ending woes. Why not celebrate thanksgiving every day of our lives?

You ask me how?

Every morning you wake up, give thanks for the air you breathe.
Give thanks for the sun and pleasant weather,.
Give thanks for the shelter you live under.
Give thanks for the food you get to eat.
Give thanks for decent clothing.
Give thanks for your friends and family.
Give thanks for the struggle that rewards.
Give thank for the gift of life while most others fight for it.
Give thanks for mental peace and emotional stability.
Give thanks.

Being grateful brings with it a sense of calmness and satisfaction. The kind no money in the world could buy. Some of you may ever argue that it’s easier said than done. Believe you me, I’ve been on the other side where no food was ever good enough or the weather was always cruel. Most days, I continue to struggle with that feeling. But I’ve learnt to try and I’ve seen the change. You’re satisfied if you choose to be.

There’s so much that can’t affect you if you don’t let it. I once read an article about how any situation could be worse. No doubt, each one’s struggle can and should never be compared but there’s always the thought that lingers…what if?

Here’s the thing though – there’s a heat wave in your city but at least it isn’t caused by guns blazing. The food served to you at the restaurant is cold but at least it isn’t leftovers from the dumpster next door.

I’m going to leave you with this thought. Be grateful, give thanks!