Beer in a bar: Light House Café, Khar, Mumbai

Beer in a bar just got a lot more interesting. I recently visited the Light House Cafe, Khar, Mumbai for a girl’s day out and the quaint café didn’t disappoint. During November, LHC introduced its beer and burger festival that offered an interesting range of beer cocktails.

The ambience is rustic and the use of lights adds a pleasant vibe to the café. As I stepped in, I was in love with the décor and the use of space. It’s like a comfortable living room filled with homely lights.

For drinks, I tried the Rythm cocktail which was part of their Beer and Burger Festival and absolutely loved it. The beer and gin combo worked wonders for the cocktail, with the just right amount of mixers. The cocktail wasn’t too strong neither was it too icy, giving you the perfect blend for your taste buds and mood. For food, we tried the Nothing But Cheese burger. The cheese was well melted in the patty and the crunchy vegetables, pickles and jalapeños added great flavour to the burger. The well-seasoned potato wedges were a good side with the burger. We also tried the Smokey BBQ Chicken pizza, which was well made.

My favourite part of the experience was the music. I was at LHC through the afternoon and they play a great set of covers that’s bliss to your ears. The music compliments the mood and ambience and works well if you want to catch up with your friends. The restaurant is well laid out, making it a great place for a date giving you options for a date or celebrating occasions with a group of friends. The staff here is also warm and attentive, making you want to go back. Overall, I would say I had a great experience at LHC and would definitely go back for more.

Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Ambience: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5

Light House Cafe

– Light House Cafe –

Beer and Rythm Cocktail

– Beer and Rythm Cocktail –

Seasoned Potato Wedges

– Seasoned Potato Wedges –

Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza

– Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza –