Discover Sailing India: Keep Calm and Sail On

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There’s never nothing to do in this city of dreams. Specially in this weather, you can’t help but get out for a late evening walk, drive or coffee by the sea. For most of the year, we’re racing against time…at work and at home. And when we’re not busy chasing schedules, dancing our nights away or burning the midnight oil, we overlook the finer beauties we’re yet to explore. One such experience that you cannot and should not miss out on is sailing.

You ask me… Where? The Mumbai Harbour. Who? Ayesha LoboHow? Discover Sailing India.

Imagine an early morning or late evening in the water, wind whipping through your hair, your feet in the water and the sun kissing your skin. Everybody needs a little vitamin sea every once in a while and the best place to start is with Discover Sailing India.

Discover Sailing India

For those of you keen on taking in the spectacular view of the sun setting against the city’s landscape, Ayesha Lobo (head Discover Sailing India) and her team promise you an experience to capture just that. No matter which part of the city, country or world you live in, when you’re on that boat, you will be filled with this sense of wonder that can’t be described in words. You will connect with yourself despite the chaos around you…and that’s beautiful.

Discover Sailing India operates from the Gateway of India, one of India’s most iconic locations. Standing tall right next to the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, it is one of the most-visited tourist spots in the city (and country) and is the perfect starting point to set the sails.

I was recently out on a sail one morning and the sights were breathtaking. It was therapeutic in its own way, with the city being so calm and rested. It almost felt like an hour-long vacation away from the daily grind. My sail included a transfer boat to the sailboat, a trained instructor, a boat-man, my family, my favourite pet, a flask of kadak chai and a picturesque view of the horizon. Yours could include food and beverages, your family and friends, your pets, a romantic date and a camera rolling.

While on the sail, you’re almost tempted to be the captain of your own ship and Discover Sailing India gives you that opportunity. Besides their sunset sails, the team offers a great sailing course to both, children and adults. The course includes not just sailing lessons but also a certification (Yachting Association of India certified) that allows you to sail all over India and Asia. The course is flexible and the sessions are scheduled based on your convenience (which is a great advantage and incentive), with a one-on-one training in all sessions. For summer courses with more than two people learning together, the team ensures that each student receives an equal amount training and attention. The best part? Discover Sailing India offers two packages that cater to both, the “not-so-busy” social birds and the workaholics – the Happy Go Lucky package and the Weekender package respectively. These packages are designed to suit your timings, but mainly to encourage you to experience the sport.

Discover Sailing India also offers some great deals, encouraging you to come out at sea more often. And like they’ve rightly said, “Fun is an understatement – whether you intend on learning alone or with friends and family, Discover Sailing India allows you to experience the sport like never before.

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Glimpses from my sail with Discover Sailing India

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