The best is yet to come – Part 1

It’s not over until you put pen to paper and read it out loud.
Break up

For months I’ve been planning for my Master’s degree and move to another country. Despite the thought and effort that went into preparing for this big move and change, it never felt real. Not in a way that made me go “sh*t, life’s changing!” Not until a few weeks ago anyway.

Early this month I finally decided to hand in my resignation and take some time off before leaving for my Master’s programme. Planning for this was a lot easier; acting on it meant ending one steady beautiful relationship. Most of you must think I am crazy. There are days I think I am crazy. After all, what’s the big deal?

You’ll never know until you find that perfect fit that gives you purpose and direction. It is never easy to let go of something that taught you how to be as an adult. College is always easy, as are projects and desk jobs. Finding a job that needs you to think, demands full attention and is a work-in-progress is like finding a partner you only grow to love more every day despite the challenges and varied opinions.

The night before handing in my resignation I thought of a million things to say. I thought of the many things I wish I’d done and maybe even could do in the little time I had left at the organisation. I thought of the things I was losing, I even questioned moving at all because for the longest time I knew nothing more than work. It became me.

Few hours later, I was at my desk staring at my screen. In the end, it came down to two sentences and a date. It was cold and harsh, and there was nothing I could say that would make me feel better. This was happening…the break up was real.

As I reread my resignation one last time and was about to hit send, I had tears in my eyes because I couldn’t remember the last time I felt as dearly about something. One click later, it was official. It was over.

*Click* Let’s break up.
*Click* I’m moving out.
*Click* This is a new chapter.
*Click* The best is yet to come!