Sum of us

People (at work)

The world is always at work
(people and place)

People and places play such an important role in your life. They motivate you just as much as they discourage and intimidate you. I remember once reading this quote that said, “Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Isn’t that true with life too?

In my experience, people are always at work to challenge you but mostly seek reactions – good and bad. On one hand, your parents love you unconditionally and always want the best for you. On the other, there’s always someone hoping for you to fail and not prosper. Eventually, every other experience that counts (the good and bad) is influenced by the persons you interact with in your everyday life. For example, the priests and religious influence your choice on whether or not to continue in a certain faith. Your choice to pursue a major in college is inspired by your professor, speaker or author. The list is endless.

While there are exceptions, in most cases, you imitate the person you’re closely and deeply influenced by. For some of us, this defines who we are because we’re doers. For the rest of us, we define who we are because we’re thinkers. We choose to take control of our own lives and channel it in the way that makes a difference.

We tell the stories we live and wish to live the stories we hear. In the end, this is the sum of us – people and place.