Beautiful Nightmare

Beautiful nightmare

Her head fit perfectly in the nook of his neck
His arms wrapped around her, holding her close in his embrace
They were running out of time
They were hanging on a tightrope, losing everything that once held them close
Life was catching up sooner than they imagined
The pages of the book turned all at once to the end
Through night and day they stood there still
Under the shadows of the trees, their hearts beating as one
They lived on their love through sunshine and rain
The stars shined bright above them witnessing their embrace
But they were falling…falling as the ground beneath them shifted and stirred their souls
The skies dim now as their worlds fell apart
The sun that that helped them grow, now burned them skin deep
She could feel the pit grow within her and he felt helplessness and empty
Their hearts raced but their bodies lay still
Out of control, the world was spinning but they didn’t move
Her head resting on heart, they gave in, they gave up

The clock ticked away and she woke up with a start
That was a beautiful dream, turned into a nightmare all at once