In a perfect world

I had a dream. I was walking down the shore of a beautiful beach, the cold sand under my feet and the deep blue sky bright against the stars over me. 

I lay there on the sand with the waves gently crashing against my feet. The bon fire grew with the wind and lit up the sand crystals around it. We were swallowed by darkness yet lit up by the flames that danced to the rhythm of the woods behind me. The crescent mood shone beautifully against the deep blue sky and lit up the water in a way that only nature could.

Love and light
Matt Ferr / @matt.ferr / Instagram

I placed the seashells we collected together around me and it felt like you were sitting right there beside me. The fire gave me this warm glow against the cool air. The waves were melodious as the stars twinkled over the ocean. The air was light and water was calm, yet everything felt weighed down by strong human emotion.

One star shone the brightest. It was you Dad, filled with all our love and memories.

I didn’t know what day or season we were in, but it was just us talking about our worlds and our lives. We talked about the years that were and the ones yet to come. We laughed at my mistakes and cried every time I missed your embrace. We talked about the ocean and our voyages. I told you about how I wanted to travel and see the world beyond a routine. The whispers in the night felt so close to home, as if nothing had changed. The horizon stretched far beyond the ocean and painted a picture of endless possibilities. The sky was ours to paint; through day and night, through dusk and dawn. We talked for hours about the perfect picture we would paint, our laughter killing the sadness and your voice coming back to me.

In a perfect world, you were the star I was there to watch.

As I lay beneath that night sky, I found love, peace and comfort. All this time I longed to watch the stars with you, not realising that you were my star – with me every night of every day.

In a perfect world, no matter the space between us or the chaos within us, we would always be one. It didn’t matter that we were in different worlds now because we would still be watching the same night sky, tasting the same winds and feeling the same love.

In a perfect world, we would never say goodbye.