Love and no other drugs

I could hear the waves crashing against the shore shadowed by soft whispers of strangers passing by. There was music still playing in the distance, with beats dropping and people swaying to the rhythm. The moon shone above us, lighting up the waves and his eyes. Bonfire burning by the shacks and lanterns in the air, it was a chilly Valentine’s night and yet a night that felt so warm. We walked down the shore, but unlike a year ago, this time we walked arm in arm with our hands fitting perfectly together. While we started off with uncertainty, months later here we were sharing a beautiful evening, looking forward to a hopeful future.

Love and no other drugs

The night seemed like it was just coming to life. The day had passed by with mixed emotions. Starting from feeling overjoyed and ecstatic after seeing each other after months, there was a distant silence that neither of us understood. These last few months were unlike the past six years. While on one hand we grew more comfortable in each others’ presence, on the other, we constantly learned so much more about each other. We were two different people but with so much in common. He wasn’t the romantic and I understood that but I still hoped. And this time round, he won me over just like he did the first time. The night sky stretched over the horizon but the day hadn’t really ended for us. Not just yet anyway.

All it took was a moment.

It was in this moment that I realised how real this was, how real he was. I realised that I wasn’t just lucky to have him but I was blessed.

In that solitary moment, as we stood on the edge of the shore, I knew how much I really loved him. Looking into his eyes that twinkled like the stars above us in the night sky, nothing else mattered but him. He was all that I could see, everything else was a blur. All I could see was his genuineness and how much he really cared. I learned how deeply he could love. Memories of the last seven years that brought us to this very moment came to mind oh so clearly. It was crystal clear right before me, he was in love with me just like I was in love with him. As we got closer, I let go of everything that came in between us because that’s who we were. Nothing was worth being in our way, all that mattered was having him in my arms. You can argue about what’s right and wrong but with the right person does any of it really matter?

As my feet sank into the sand, I wrapped my hands around him and ran my fingers through his hair. I looked right into his eyes with my heart reaching out to him and my body melting right into his. That brief moment right there felt like forever, the kind of forever you want to relive over and over. I could feel his breath against my skin, I felt his heart beat so calmly and yet race against mine. I loved the way he smelled so sweet, I could feel the heat in his body. Above everything that I was feeling, I could feel him feel me and I took in every bit of it. Clearing the distance between us, we kissed. It was a kiss filled with passion and love but more than that it was filled with gratitude and warmth.

This was the kiss I always dreamed of. It’s the kiss I hoped for on the night we walked down the beach, shy of his presence. It’s the kiss I hoped for in our silence when I fell short of the right words to say. It’s the kiss I hoped for when we talked for hours, for nights together. It’s the kiss I hoped for when we broke dawn together. It’s the kiss I hoped for when we brought in the new year. It’s the kiss I hoped for when we watched the sunset over the horizon. It’s the kiss I hoped for for all these years when he didn’t even know.

Love and no other drugs

This was the kiss on my lips in the moonlight. This was my kiss, my kiss to stay forever this way.