Nothing ends happily, and that is why it ends!

June 2011

Heartbreaks, painful and unwarranted. Do we expect them to happen? No. Do we want them to happen? Never. But yet, they do and we’ve got to live with them. Sometimes I feel these very heartbreaks are asked for. Be it a heartbreak by a friend, family member, spouse or lover, we tend to wait till the end rather than prevent it or end it before it turns bitter. We tend to set ourselves up to be the dupe. When the going isn’t as smooth as it’s meant to be we tend to make believe and by the time reality checks in we’re in a mess. It’s like, as long as we feel happy we don’t mind being the victim. But maybe, life knows what’s meant to be.

Sometimes all the good times just seem like a dream, when all you did was smiled about anything and walked down the streets like crazy people having fun. It’s more about the times when you felt rare because of the way you were treated but now you feel like someone usual amid the crowd. There are certain people that make you feel sound even when you’re in the worst of situations but when that person drifts away you’re lost even when not alone. The difference a simple heartbreak can cause!

I’ve realised, taking too much control over any relationship pushes it to the brink. It’s so much better living it the risky way even if it means taking each day with a pinch of salt. If you can pull it through the ups and downs it’s worth the sacrifices but if not it is better you call it off. Arguments they’re necessary in any and every relationship but as long as they’re healthy it’s all good not otherwise.

Some people make you feel extraordinary and there are some who make you feel “extra” ordinary, if you know what I mean. The way you’re treated, says it all. Even the best of friendships dance but having said that they find a way out. If you can’t do so, you know there’s no room for happiness. It’s better ending it mutually than a with bitter goodbye.


People think it is holding on that makes you stronger, but sometimes it is letting go.