Why do we set ourselves up for disappointment?

No matter how great we are, we’re always convincing ourselves that we’re somehow lacking. We constantly compare ourselves to others who seem to have their lives figured out. It’s our version of their lives versus their reality. What we often forget is that we’re not alone. We’re not the only person making poor choices or lapses in judgement. Everyone has their fucked up moments hidden in closets and under carpets, away from you and me. Everyone has their demons they don’t put out. Are we still then lacking or just jaded by our versions of other’s lives?

I see pictures of friends starting new families or travelling to new places. Every now and then, I find myself feeling a little jealous but mostly disappointed in myself. We set benchmarks that test our patience and will for life. What if there’s someone just like you, sulking at your wonderful experiences and story? It is a dark place, setting ourselves up for disappointment without realising we all battle similar insecurities and battles. Even the most successful people battle constant comparison or crave the simple joys of being. So why are we setting ourselves up for disappointment?