Broken but beautiful

Life can be overwhelming every now and then because of the expectations we set for ourselves or the constant battle of comparison with those in and around our lives. What and how you think can make you weaker than you could ever be. Your thoughts can be your biggest strength and also your worst enemy.

In the last few weeks, I’ve craved nothingness. I’ve wanted to wake up not having to worry or go to bed without a task or alarm. When someone asks how I’m doing, just like every other person putting up a brave front, I’ll say I’m okay. Why should my problems be yours? Why should you help me fight my battles? Why should I make you worry any more than you already are?

Here’s the truth though – I’m not okay but I am on my road to recovery. I’m struggling with things I’m not sure I understand or am even aware of. If you ask me what’s wrong – I DON’T KNOW. But I am taking small steps to figure it out and it feels good. This feels better than nothingness. The struggle is real but life (my people) is worth fighting for.

Let’s be not okay together until we’re okay forever?

Growing up you’re told or conditioned to being too strong to cry for help. Well, we’re not. We’re human and we need help from time to time. Last night for the first time in a long time, I slept without worrying or feeling overwhelmed because of my source of strength and help. Before going to bed, I sent this picture to my best friends because they make life and me better.

Chriselle C

It’s okay not to be okay.