The best people

The best people in your life are the ones who will love you despite your faults and misgivings, the ones who appreciate your little quirks and dark humour, the ones who know when you are lying, the ones who know your fuck-ups and bad decisions and love you anyway, the ones who will rejoice in your achievements without any envy, the ones who will always remind you of the good inside you, even when you’re self-loathing, the ones who help you fight the tide though the difficult times, and soak in the sun with you during the good times.

The best people are the ones who are honest with you about your strengths and weaknesses, the ones who know you better than yourself, the ones who urge you to take the leap knowing you will soar, the ones who don’t hesitate to give you their opinion even if it is on the other side of the fence, the ones who don’t share uncomfortable silence with you after a shit-storm.

The best people are the ones who come knocking on your door at 2am with a tub of ice-cream or a bottle of Jack when they know you don’t want to be alone, the ones who acknowledge the past, the ones who dream with you and for you, the ones who distract you from your tears and fears, the ones who stick by you like your shadow, the ones who know when you need silence, the ones who know when you shouldn’t be left alone.

The best people are the ones who don’t share your taste in movies or music but watch them with you anyway, the ones who won’t ask how you’re feeling but find a way to fix your mood, the ones who walk into your home like it’s their own even you’re away, the ones who know your darkest secrets and demons and take them to their graves, the ones who never walk away.

The best people are the ones who don’t stick around because of how long they’ve known you but because they see right through, six months or six years, the ones who stand by you, through the good, bad, and ugly, making memories that last a lifetime.

Here’s to my best people — at home and away — you encourage me to be a better version of myself everyday. You encourage me to wake up and love life. You teach me unconditional love. You show me what means to be family. You show me the meaning of true friendship. You lead me to the light.

To the best people!