30 seconds of summer

I hate you…

I can feel my bones melt beneath my already tanned skin. No woman’s magazine can rescue the case of sweaty boobs. Thin or no layers of cloth only mean feeling the sun pierce right through my skin.

I hate being sweaty each time I step on the street or having to shave every week. I hate that my hair is always unruly with the wind and that my body turns into a mixed palette of browns, from my toes to the tip of my nose. I hate that I have an aquaphobia or that my body isn’t naturally hairless and fit for a bikini.

…like I love you

I love waking up with nowhere to be and breakfast in bed. I love soaking my feet in the sand amidst laughter and drinking chilled beer. I love walking down boulevards and chasing the sun. I love trying exotic flavours of ice cream at summer carnivals. I love watching the moon shine through sunrise. I love that people move away from the grey of the winter into florals of the summer. I love that the days are longer and the nights are warm.

I am ready for autumn

I love summer but I cannot wait for reading in the candlelight, and away from hot air blowing in my face. I miss holding large mugs of hot coffee. I miss bone soups and slow-cooked stews. I miss the autumn leaves and pavements covered with damp petals. I miss my cool sheets after a hot shower. I miss wrapping myself up like a burrito in fuzzy blankets. I miss the magical feeling that comes with the chill in the air.