Can we give love another chance?

As millennials, we find ourselves at crossroads because we’re told or seem to believe that love is hard and impossible. Sure, it involves compromise and is a work-in-progress. But when you think about the person you share this love with, it is meant to feel and be beautiful. It is the people you share this love with that often makes it bittersweet. If you or they didn’t find to make it last, maybe it wasn’t love? It might have been something good, just not love. So don’t give up on love and don’t give up on yourself.

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Note to self: Time is too short

❝ Sunsets are proof that there can be beauty in goodbyes — Beau Taplin The sky paints hues of warmth that speak to my being despite the chaos and voices in and around me. Knowing that someone somewhere is watching this beauty unfold with you, is reassuring and beautiful. Wait, stop, hold on for a…

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Almost 25: Quarter-life lessons

With a week to turning twenty-five, as always, the elation is trailed by contemplation. As I turn a year older (and hopefully wiser), here are some of my quarter-life lessons.

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Note to self: You are not your fear

It is easy to allow your insecurities to shine brighter than your spirit. It is easy to let your fears determine your character. But when you look back into your mirror of comparison and I mean really look…you will always see you. Some days with your jar of butterflies and some days, with your jar of strengths. Be bold and be willing, and don’t let fear rob you of your inner heroes.

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Note to self: Refuse to fall

The past may have been full of questions but the year ahead has the potential for a lot of answers. Don’t let the questions bind you, let the answers find you. Let them unravel you. Let the art of mindfulness guide you.

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You’re my favourite hurricane

Our decisions might fight back and life could knock us off course but together, we’re here to breathe, meeting our future as it becomes our present.

From being a force of energy that holds the power to consume me, you are more importantly my centre of gravity. You complete me. Let’s find that joy, maybe?

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Note to self: Be thankful for those that let you down

People will disappoint you in life. Friendships you’ve had for years will fall apart. People you’ve looked up to will not always have your interest at heart. Strangers will not always be who they say they are. The loves of your life will change and often, you might even disappoint yourself with life choices and roads less taken. This will happen at home and at work.

Never let anyone walk all over your love or allow them to shake your confidence. Those that matter will find a way to find common ground, as will you.

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Note to self: Seek your light

Let go and seek your light.

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Note to self: Just be as you are

Attractive waistlines and skin tones. Melodious voices and wired brains. Good hair and sun-kissed smiles. Defined gender roles and ideal sexual orientation. What if, in an alternate universe, everything that we’re conditioned to thinking is wrong with us was right?

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