Note to self: Be thankful for those that let you down

People will disappoint you in life. Friendships you’ve had for years will fall apart. People you’ve looked up to will not always have your interest at heart. Strangers will not always be who they say they are. The loves of your life will change and often, you might even disappoint yourself with life choices and roads less taken. This will happen at home and at work.

Never let anyone walk all over your love or allow them to shake your confidence. Those that matter will find a way to find common ground, as will you.

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Note to self: Seek your light

Let go and seek your light.

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Note to self: Just be as you are

Attractive waistlines and skin tones. Melodious voices and wired brains. Good hair and sun-kissed smiles. Defined gender roles and ideal sexual orientation. What if, in an alternate universe, everything that we’re conditioned to thinking is wrong with us was right?

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Note to self: Find your gold & grey

In a world that offers you black and white choices, find your grey and gold. Stay bold and beautiful. Stay curious. Cherish one because of the other. Love life and never stop exploring, within and beyond.

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Note to self: You’re only one call away

In a world driven and divided by selfish motives, corporate greed, extremist religious beliefs, radical political ideologies, online bullying, and war, embody the morality you believe in. Your wellness and that of others rest in your hands as much as it does in those with the power to implement change. You and I can make a difference to worlds that are otherwise challenging, conflicting and chaotic. Practice random acts of kindness for friends, your family and strangers. You are a spoke on the wheel of growth, development and love. The greatest innovations came from the homes of compassionate yet driven individuals. Social activists were once young readers challenged by authority too. You are not alone, your fight isn’t just yours alone.

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