You’re my favourite hurricane

To my mind, spirit and soul,

We are incredibly strong. Oftentimes stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I’m sorry I haven’t nurtured you as well as I should have but here we are, taking that leap towards a better tomorrow. I know that you can push through the dark holes you feel trapped in and the walls that seem to swallow you whole. I know you can thrive in adversity and come out stronger than you’ve ever been before. In fact, you’re my daily inspiration. You’re my cup of tea.

I have watched you be curious and kind. I have watched you be dark and selfish. I have watched you grow from one to the other. In all these years, I have watched you learn and be willing for change. I have watched you inspire yourself and those around you. You’ve been complicated but you’ve also been colourful. Most days, I have watched you conquer your fears and your faith alike. There are days when your strength defeats me too. I’ve watched you crumble into the arms of the unknown. But that’s okay. You’re okay. We’re okay.

As we grow older and are expected to get wiser, I find myself thinking that perfection is as much a vice as it is purposeful. Our ideas of perfection change with age and circumstance. It changes with people and ambition. It changes with life. God didn’t create us to strive for perfection, He created us to be good. And in that goodness, to find joy. I want us to find that joy.

There’s no body without a soul. There’s no soul without a spirit.

In all the time we’ve spent together, I’ve learned that your love for me is bigger than any ocean in the world. You’ve shown me that we’re never alone and that we’re a work-in-progress. Our decisions might fight back and life could knock us off course but together, we’re here to breathe, meeting our future as it becomes our present.

From being a force of energy that holds the power to consume me, you are more importantly my centre of gravity. You complete me. Let’s find that joy, maybe?

Underneath the pain, you’re my favourite hurricane,

Your body, your whole


Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash